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What a website can achieve...

Having a platform to professionally establish your business is a gateway for clientele to discover your company. By doing so, the customers will have easy access to your business’s details and important information.

The process...

Once the overall design of your website is completed it is then written into code (HTML, PHP, CSS). Most modern websites use Word Press so that the admin user can access and allows you to keep your website up to date with the latest information. The website is then linked to the hosting service and domain service so that it is publicly visible.

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Creating your website...

Graphic Design

Web Design

Creating a good first impression is important. The web design needs to be simple to navigate and appealing to the eye. This allows customers/clients to easily navigate your website.

Visibility & Accessibility

Your website will be made to be as appealing and inviting, to gain as much traffic/clicks as possible. This will allow a wider variety of people to easily access the information and services of your business.


Your website will be set up with a hosting service for a month and securing your domain for a year, free of charge. The domain name will be chosen to your liking and will be connected to the hosting provider so that your website is accessible to everyone on the internet.


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